Welcome to Tropico, Presidente! I am your loyal advisor and number one fan Penultimo, and I am here to remind you Of the joys Of dictatorship.
The numbers above the minimap represent your current treasury, population and support.
Since Tropico is currently just a colony Of the Crown, the number next to the calendar represents the remaining years and months Of your mandate as its governor.
Close this message by clicking on the OK button to continue.

The camera Offers a birds-eye view Of your island and starting town.
Move the mouse cursor to the edge Of the screen to pan in this direction. Use the mouse wheel of the PgUp/PgDown keys to zoom in and out. Hold the middle mouse button of the Alt key to rotate of the camera.
The camera controls will be present on screen for the duration Of this tutorial. Try them now!
Objective: Familiarize yourself with the camera controls
画面の端にマウスカーソルを移動することで、上下左右にスクリーンを移動することができます。ズームイン、ズームアウトするにはPgUpキー/ PgDownキー、マウスホイールを使用してください。カメラを回転する際は、Altキーかマウスの中ボタンを押したままにします。

Tasks are various goals that allow you to progress within the mission. Some tasks are given to you. Others are started from marker icons which appear in your city.
You can see all active tasks at the right side Of your screen. The in-view task markers look like this: !
Objective: Complete tutorial tasks

All Presidentes have special executive powers, such as the ability to control time itself.
Indeed, being the most awesome person in the world, you are able to accelerate time at your whim.
Press the fast forward button to do so.
Objective: Increase the game speed to 'fast'

Good job! Fast speed is very useful when you have to wait for things like building construction of the export Of produced goods.
You are also able to slow down and even stop time when things get too frantic. NO tasks will progress while time is paused but you can still issue orders.
そうです! 建設や生産、輸出などの待ち時間の際、速いゲームスピードは非常に役に立ちます。

Time for an Official inspection, Presidente.
You can select any building by left-clicking on it. This will open the building infopanel and show you all important information about it.
Objective: Select any building (make sure that the game is not paused)
Hint: You can close the building infopanel by clicking on a clear ground in the view.

A ruler that doesnt pay attention to his subjects may end up on the wrong side Of a Coupd'Etat. Let's select one Of the little Tropicans!
Point at any Of your citizens and left click to select him. You may have to zoom in to do SO.
Selecting the citizen opens his infopanel, showing all information that we have on him, including his approval for your regime.
Objective: Select a citizen (make sure that the game is not paused)

Paying attention to our infrastructure is very important. Looks like this Iron Mine has not been connected to a road. This means it will never be able to export its produced goods.
To construct a road you have to open the build menu by right-clicking anywhere in the view.
Once it is open, select the 'infrastructure" category and finally the Road item. Place a road near the mine entrance and connect it to your existing road network by left-clicking.
Objective: Connect the Mine to the road network

Good, your mine is now connected and the teamsters will carry its production to the docks.
It will be exported on the next ship that arrives there.
Ships arrive at the docks at least once a year.
Objective: Export 100 Iron

Building our glorious future is your most important task as our Presidente. Let me show you how to errect new buildings.
Open the build menu with a right-click, select the "Welfare & Media" category and then select the Catholic Mission building. Place it by left-clicking.
The Catholic Mission construction site must be placed near a road. Constructors from your Construction Office will travel to the site and the new building will be ready in a few months.
Constructions that are far away and multiple constructions at once will take longer
Objective: Construct a Catholic Mission

Presidente, you are the best leader anyone could wish for! With you in charge, all our dreams are fulfilled.
The next tutorial will teach you about economics, research and stashing money in your Swiss Bank account.


Welcome to the second tutorial. It will teach you how to research new technologies, create a stable and profitable economy and how to issue edicts.
Objective: Complete tutorial tasks

TO research new technologies, you must first build a Library, The Library is located in the 'Research & Education" category.
Objective: Construct a Library.

You will need some educated workers to start conducting research in the Library.
TO hire them, select your library and click on the "Workers" button in the infopanel Use the Hire button to invite 3 workers from abroad. They will arrive with the next ship They are expensive, but well worth it. In later Eras you will be able to educate your citizens and not rely on foreign experts.
Objective: Invite three college educated workers in the Library to start the research on Planks

We just discovered the number Of times you need to get hit by a plank to actually discover something. It is around 7 depending on the plank in question. We call this the Plank constant. I am sure it will become very important one day.
Effect: Lumber Mill unlocked

We can send expeditions out to explore our island and discover valuable resources.
There is a squad Of soldiers stationed in the Palace - your personal guard. Let us send them to discover a forest suitable for logging. Select your palace, click on the explore button and left-click on your desired destination within the foggy unexplored areas.
And don't worry, Presidente, I promise nobody will depose you while the guards are away.
Objective: Send an expedition to explore the island

While waiting for the research to be completed,let us set up some raw materials
production. Let's order a Logging Camp from the "natural Resources" category in the Build menu.
You will notice a colored grid over the terrain while placing the Logging Camp. This is the ging overlay. Green signifies desirable locations near big clusters Of trees while red locations are undesirable and will result in low production.
Remember,it must be connected to a road and you can increase the game speed if you don't like to wait.
Objective: Construct a Logging Camp


貼り付け元 <https://translate.google.co.jp/?hl=ja#en/ja/While%20waiting%20for%20the%20research%20to%20be%20completed%2Clet%20us%20set%20up%20some%20raw%20materials%20%0Aproduction.%20Let%27s%20order%20a%20Logging%20Camp%20from%20the%20%22natural%20Resources%22%20category%20in%20the%20Build%20menu.%20%0AYou%20will%20notice%20a%20colored%20grid%20over%20the%20terrain%20while%20placing%20the%20Logging%20Camp.%20This%20is%20the%20ging%20overlay.%20Green%20signifies%20desirable%20locations%20near%20big%20clusters%20Of%20trees%20while%20red%20locations%20are%20undesirable%20and%20will%20result%20in%20low%20production.%20%0ARemember%2Cit%20must%20be%20connected%20to%20a%20road%20and%20you%20can%20increase%20the%20game%20speed%20if%20you%20don%27t%20like%20to%20wait.%20%0AObjective%3A%20Construct%20a%20Logging%20Camp>

Good job, the Logging Camp has been completed!
Every production building will be serviced by teamsters if it is connected to a road. They will carry the production to a dock or where it is needed on the island. When a freighter arrives it will export the goods stored on the dock and the profits from their sale will be added to the treasury.
Buildings that are far away from the teamsters office will take longer to be serviced.

All buildings have allocated budgets those encompass the money spent on them each month.
Higher budget results in higher effectiveness Of the building and higher wealth Of the workers. It will also attract more workers when the workforce is insufficient.
Since we are setting up our economy, let us maximize the budget Of our teamsters Office.
This will allow the teamsters working there to transport larger loads.
Objective: Maximize the budget in the Teamsters office

Edicts are special laws that you can issue.
Let's issue a Building permit edict that will allow you to put something aside in your Swiss bank account.
Objective: Issue Building Permit Edict

Let us build something like a few cheap Country Houses to see how this "corruption" thing works.
Remember, while "Building permit" is enacted, a percentage Of every construction goes to your personal slush fund. Money in the Swiss Bank cannot be used for state expenses but can be used for certain "special' expenses for you and your Dynasty.
Objective: Earn $500 Swiss Bank account from constructions

Let us erect a production building, Presidente. Everybody likes animals - let us build a ranch! It can be useful both for feeding our people and producing resources for export.
You can select a type of livestock from the menu in the construction panel on the right side Of the screen. Different animals produce different resources.
Again, it is preferable to place the ranch near a green overlay area, visualizing the good pastures on the island..
Objective: Construct a Ranch
別の生産施設を建てましょう、プレジデンテ。みんな動物が大好きです - だから牧場を建設しましょう​​! 牧場から取れる資源は、国民に食わせるもよし、輸出するもよし、でいずれの用途にも使えます。

With the Planks research completed and the Logging Camp ready, it is time to build our first factory - a Lumber Mill. It will process logs from the Logging Camp into the more expensive Planks resource.
Don't forget that you have to connect the new Lumber Mill to the road network.
Objective: Construct a Lumber Mill
板材の研究が完了し、伐採場も準備ができました。今こそ最初の工場… 製材所を建設するときです。この施設は伐採場から運び込まれた丸太を、より高価な資源である板材に加工します。

Your resources are automatically exported at default prices, but more profitable trade Offers will appear from time to time.
The Trade button allows you to inspect different offers and set up trade routes. Add ships to start a trade route, remove ships to cancel an active route.
Objective: Start a trade route to export Planks to the USA

The managers are either your dynasty members or exceptional citizens whose skills can improve a building's performance.
Let's assign a manager to your Lumber Mill. To do so select it and click on the Workers button.
Sometimes there might not be a suitable manager available on the island. In this case you may have to wait until a new dynasty member or skilled citizen appears.
Objective: Assign a manager to the Lumber Mill

Presidente, you are like a good father to the entire Tropican nation. Some may say that you're just too good.
The final tutorial will teach you how to keep those pesky Tropicans happy, deal with the political factions on the island and stay in power!


Welcome to the third tutorial!! It will teach you how to advance to the next Era, create a Constitution, keep your people happy and deal with the internal factions and foreign powers.
Objective: Complete tutorial tasks
第三のチュートリアルへようこそ! このチュートリアルでは、次の時代への進み方や、憲法の作成、国民の幸福の維持、内部の派閥と外国勢力に対処する方法についてお教えしましょう。

Tropico is currently in the Colonial Era. We are subject to the whims Of the Crown and you will be removed from office when your mandate, indicated above the minimap, expires.
  • Most advanced buildings are unavailable during the Colonial Era The economy depends almost entirely on production Of raw resources
  • Special tasks from the Crown grant extended mandate, population and money as rewards
  • 植民地時代の間、ほとんどの先進的な建物は利用できない。経済はほとんど未加工資源の生産のみで成り立っている
  • 王室からの指令をこなすことで、報酬として任期の延長や人員、資金の提供を受けられる

Two political factions are active in Tropico during the Colonial Era the Royalists and the Revolutionaries. Other factions, such as Militarists, the Religious, Communists and Capitalists become prominent in later Eras.
You have a standing with all of these factions and the higher this standing is, the more likely is for their supporters to vote for you during elections. But beware - as you try to appease one faction, you may alienate their opposing faction.
Objective: Check out the Politics Page in the almanac to see the factions active in this Era

As you saw in the Almanac, the progressive Revolutionaries are on your side while the Royalists oppose you - just as they oppose the idea Of an independent Tropico.
Certain advanced buildings and researches will encourage more people to become Revolutionaries. Openly defying the Crown will also make the Revolutionaries faction grow, but may have dire consequences for you.
The Revolutionaries have long demanded some military structures of our own. Let us construct 2 Guard Towers - this will encourage more people to join their movement.
Objective: Build 2 Guard Towers

Good job! By meeting the Revolutionaries' demands we will attract more people to their cause. Support for independence will grow and Tropico will finally be able to progress beyond the Colonial Era.
Let us see how the popular support will grow
Objective: Wait a while until the popular support grows to 51%

If Tropico stays in the Colonial Era too long your mandate will end and a new governor will take your place. Time to declare independence and proclaim Tropico a free country!
Our actions to this point have already secured enough popular support and the
Revolutionaries faction is strong.
Objective: Advance to the World Wars Era

Presidente … oops I'm getting ahead Of myself. Governor, the island is ripe for revolution.
Your approval rating is high enough so that you can proclaim Independence from the Crown and we can finally be free from their stupid demands.

His Majesty is most amused by your declaration Of independence.
He is currently not very interested in your little island anyway. If you pay to the Empire for the losses it has incurred from you, you will be allowed to be independent. Otherwise, the royal forces will come for a small visit.

Free Tropico is ready for its very own Constitution, Presidente!
The Constitution is the document in which you set the principles Of our young nation. Each decision you make while drafting the Constitution will have a special effect on life in our great country.
Our Constitution principles affect greatly both the foreign relations and the internal politics.
The Constitution can be amended with a special edict. New Constitution principles will become available through research.
Objective: Draft the Constitution

Era features several Foreign Powers. During the World Wars Era these are the Axis and the Allies.
Foreign powers are important because they provide foreign aid and because if we piss them off too much, they may invade us. TO start diplomatic relations with them we should construct an Embassy.
Objective: Construct an Embassy

Our embassy is ready time to invite a Foreign Power to our island.
TO do select the Embassy and invite either the Axis or the Allies from its infopanel.
Objective: Invite either the Axis or the Allies in your Embassy

You have invited the Axis onto the island. This will strengthen our relationship with them, but worsen our standing with their enemy the Allies Always be mindful Of foreign relations, for if our standing is too low for too long the superpower involved may take aggressive action against Tropico.
Another factor influenced by foreign politics is the foreign aid. Foreign aid is given at the end Of each year by the superpower with highest relations to Tropico. Let us wait and see what foreign aid we will receive this year.

Let me direct your attention to another important edict - the sovereign debt.
When you buy Tropico's independence from the Crown the country starts the World Wars in debt. Debt may also be created by issuing bonds to get money in a hurry. Borrowed money Will incur interest.
Objective: Repay the sovereign debt
もう一つの重要な布告についてお話しましょう… 主権者債務です。

Elections are coming, Presidente! No dictator likes them, but they are usually the better alternative to uprisings and military coups.
Since Tropico is a democracy, we can cheat only SO much to the elections in our favor.
The happiness Of your people and the political standing with the island factions are the decisive factors for the vote.
Objective: Win the Elections

Elections are coming, Presidente. As our Constitution dictates we have scheduled mandatory elections for 12 months from now.
Whose, crazy idea was it to make elections mandatory. I guess there's no getting around it.
We have to hold elections. It's time to decide who amongst your dynasty members will run for office and become the next Presidente.

As election day draws near,it may be a good idea to check to see how happy your people are. This and Other helpful information can be found in the Almanac.
To open the Almanac, click on the suggested button.
Objective: Check out the happiness page in the Almanac

Low happiness scores indicate that the Tropicans are not happy with certain aspects Of their life on the island, such as the lack of entertainment. Let us build a Tavern to address this.
This may take some time. You will start to notice the tavern effect a few months after it has been completed.
Objective: Construct a Tavern and increase the Entertainment happiness to 10.

represents the percentage Of the voters that support you. If you are concerned about the elections results, you can use certain edicts such as "Tax Cut" to
influence the voters.

Let me explain how service buildings such as our Tavern work. The Tavern provides people living in the vicinity with Entertainment, thus increasing their happiness.
Certain Other buildings provide various services like Religion and Healthcare. People living closer to a service may take better advantage than the ones living far away.
The tavern has the capacity to service a certain number of people. lf the population grows larger you will have to construct a new entertainment building suffer reduced Entertainment happiness.

We have an opportunity to influence the outcome Of the coming elections. Strictly speaking this is not considered exactly legal, but I guarantee that no one will find out.
The polls predict that you will get ??% Of the votes. With the help Of some math voodoo, a couple Of bribes and a few bullets we can manufacture additional votes. Some Tropicans won't like this and we may have to deal with a few unhappy people as a result Of our election tweaks
ここで一つ…選挙の結果に「影響」を与える方法があります。これは厳密に言うと「法律を考慮しない」方法ですが… 一つ保証できることがあります。誰にも見られたりはしませんよ。

The election results are in. Thanks to a clever interpretation of the numbers we've decided that you have won, Presidente.
It may have taken a few extra ballots here and there but we've managed to secure ??% Of the vote for you. ?? Tropicans were persuaded to vote for you, while we failed to convince the remaining ?? voters.
Your opponent called to complain about election fraud but some uniformed men changed his mind. He is now proud Of his second place.

Congratulations, followed all the steps and won the the tutorial. Not that that's especially hard to do, but hey, a victory is still a victory!
Actually, you can't imagine how many people fail this easy task. Anyway, on to new and exciting challenges!

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